Head of Agency, GuoZhongLiang Group

I am pleased to inform you that I have started my new business of professional services in Hong Kong since February 2017.

My first focus is to work together with GuoZhongLiang Group (“GZL Group”, www.gzlchina.com) as the role of expanding the Consultancy and Agency Division, effective from 1st February 2017. Our goal is to serve and assist our clients in finding the best solution to overcome every unique set of challenges of their real estate investment/development in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas.

GZL Group, founded in 1998 is a multi-discipline professional service company having office network in 25 cities in China with headquarter based in Shenzhen. As one of the fastest growing professional consultant firm, GZL Group services a wide range of clients including corporates, government authorities and individual clients across Greater China Region as well as many oversea countries.

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Personal Information

Name: Yu Kam Hung

Family: My wife and I, my son Big Head & my daughter Big Eye

Birthday: September, 1961

Work Info.: Former President of HKIS

Hobbies: Photography, Sailing, Traveling and Scuba-diving

Favourite Color: Rainbow (彩虹)

Favourite Books:《與光同行》 – 戶部敬子 (Comics); “The Universe in a Nutshell” – Stephen Hawking